Trang chủ blog Bring new momentum to everyday life through relationships

Bring new momentum to everyday life through relationships

Bring new momentum to everyday life through relationships

However, if you constantly make so-called lazy compromises, this will put a considerable strain on the partnership in the long run.

Neither you nor your partner should ever get the impression that the other was sooner able to enforce their demands and that their own wishes fell by the wayside.

If you live in a long-term relationship, you too will at some point experience the typical phases in the partnership. After feeling in love for the first time, some relationships are sometimes put to the test. However, those who pass it can look forward to a long-term and stable relationship afterwards. But how is the way to get there?

The six phases in the partnership

It is actually clear that there will always be changes in a relationship from the very first meeting. At the very beginning you will see your partner through the famous rose-colored glasses. They idealize the person and only look at the positives and the similarities. This phase is also called crush, based on a model by the American marriage therapist Liberty Kovacs. Finally, the phase of expectations follows. The first disappointments set in and you suddenly begin to see your partner’s mistakes. Next, according to the model of the six phases in the partnership, there is a power struggle. You will try to change – but you will demand it from your partner. This leads to mutual blame, anger, and distrust.

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How to save your relationship

The most critical of the phases in the partnership is the “darn 7th year”, although you shouldn’t be too precise with the year. Here the relationship is seriously on the brink, as one or both of the partners feel constricted. You strive for change – if possible out of the relationship. However, through good and honest communication you can also survive this stormy phase and this is followed by reconciliation and finally mutual acceptance.

The division of tasks is an important part of partnerships. Unfortunately, it often happens that this leads to an argument. In general, however, the method is useful to save time.

There has been a division of tasks within partnerships for generations. Classical religious teaching is based on the man as a hunter. The woman, on the other hand, is more responsible for the domestic area. The distribution of roles has naturally evolved over the centuries. Due to the models of parental part-time work, it is quite common for fathers to also take time to bring up their children. In principle, it does not matter how your tasks are distributed. What is clear is that the distribution makes sense in many cases.

The distribution of tasks in the partnership

For certain tasks, the distribution of roles is usually clear. While women like to cook, manual activities are more popular with kill a mockingbird research paper topics Because of the higher power alone, these things are more likely to be assigned to the male side. However, there are some tasks that neither of them would like to take on. This includes cleaning up or taking out rubbish. Sometimes a certain attitude towards these things is also decisive. If there is insufficient appreciation, your partner will feel uncomfortable.

Avoid disputes

If you are temporarily not satisfied with the situation, the devil should not be painted on the wall right away. Many of the tasks are inconvenient and still need to be performed. However, if you find yourself permanently disadvantaged, the issues should be addressed clearly. After all, the division of tasks is not fixed for your entire life. A good partnership is characterized by the fact that it does not necessarily lead to an argument.

In many relationships, one of the partners has little time for the other. Because work stress and other obligations cannot always be combined with private life as desired. In the long run and especially in fresh relationships, this fact can quickly lead to disputes. What can you do when your partner is short on time?

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Little time in partnership

While long-standing relationships gradually define the temporal problem a little differently, in a young relationship one partner often feels like the fifth wheel on the car.

Because he or she has recently only been living with the new love, while the better half likes to pursue hobbies despite being in a partnership and does not want to give up voluntary additional obligations just like that.

However, before an argument arises because one of the two feels neglected, the relationship should be “discussed” from the beginning. Only those who make it clear that one hobby is particularly important to them or that intensive contact with friends and acquaintances should continue will not offend the other with “absenteeism”. Rather, it should be made clear how important it is to be able to pursue your properties as before.

A little time for yourself

Everyone also needs a little time just for themselves. Whether as a single person or in a partnership, who is basically with others, be it with work colleagues or one’s own partner, they neglect themselves and cannot find peace in the long run.

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Activities that you only do for yourself strengthen yourself and your relationship. This is not neglected, but rather intensified.

Is the image of the rational, unromantic academic just a myth? Not quite. This is shown by the results of a current survey carried out by the market research institute Fittkau und Maaß on behalf of on 8,000 couples. Accordingly, a high level of education means that the famous three words “I love you” are pronounced less often.

While only 38 percent of people with a college degree say they love their partner every day, 45 percent of people without a college degree do so.

Younger people say “” I love you “” more often.

In general, 44 percent of women and 40 percent of men explain their love to their partner almost every day. Younger people say the words much more often than older people: While almost 60 percent of under 30-year-olds say ‘I love you’ to their loved one every day, only 30 percent of over 60-year-olds use the three words every day.

Academics are less likely to send love text messages

Academics are not only more reluctant to express their love face to face, they also send fewer digital love greetings via SMS and WhatsApp messages than people without a university degree. While only 34 percent of academics delight their loved ones with a short message every day, 39 percent of non-academics do so.

Love doesn’t always have to be expressed in words

Even if it sometimes seems as if academics deal more rationally with things of love, according to the psychologist Lisa Fischbach from ElitePartner, one cannot draw a general conclusion between educational qualifications and the romantic factor: “” University degrees and studies encourage abstract thinking and analytical approaches. This may lead to a more rational handling of expressions of love. Nevertheless, from the frequency of love vows, it is hardly possible to draw conclusions about the intensity of the emotional world. “”

This says nothing about the romance factor of academics. They may be more reluctant to express themselves about love, but maybe also because they are confident of their emotions and feel a deep bond that doesn’t need to be constantly confirmed.

This is what matters in the declaration of love

No matter how often the three famous words are pronounced: It is important that you stand by your feelings and remain authentic when expressing love. Anyone who is too wasteful with oaths of love risks that they sound arbitrary and lose their peculiarity. Not every short phone call has to end with “” I love you “”, otherwise the most beautiful words will quickly become routine.

Ask if the partner cannot put his love into words

If you want to hear a serious declaration of love, you shouldn’t put the other under pressure and pay attention to other love tips. If these are available, you don’t have to worry at first. But if the other person doesn’t utter “” I love you “” or “” I love you “” after a long period of time, you should perhaps ask more.

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At first, many find it practical when you have a partner with the same job. Does he have the necessary understanding if you have to work longer, or if you postpone a date with your partner because a customer appointment comes up.

Separate relationship and job

In the long run, partners with the same job will have a hard time. For you it can quickly happen that your job is the number one topic of conversation, especially if you both still have the same employer. Then the air is quickly out. However, this doesn’t have to happen if you follow a few rules. Simply declare certain times or also certain places to be a taboo zone. This means that there will be no professional discussion. Finding the right balance is sometimes not that easy.

Partners with the same job need a break

Since you don’t just see each other in your free time, like most couples, but also at work, partners with the same job should not also share the same hobby. Being together permanently can create tension. A break from each other is very important. A separate circle of friends will certainly be difficult, but not impossible. Everyone needs their own freedom. Men’s evenings and women’s evenings ensure the necessary distance.

Everyone his hobby

Spending a lot of time with your partner, both professionally and privately, can make you feel constricted. Find your own hobby, which you can do alone or with a friend. You will see, such a break from the partnership works wonders.

Every relationship is a lot of fun at the beginning, but over time there is no momentum and you have to revive the relationship in order to recognize the meaning of being together again. A lot can be achieved with small changes and the relationship can be rekindled in a short time. It’s easier with the following tips.

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Invigorate relationship: each for himself

If both partners just “crouch on top of each other”, the relationship can quickly become boring. Both actually don’t have much to say to each other anymore, after all they spend almost all of their free time together. To liven up the partnership a little, one or more days a month could be agreed on when everyone does something for themselves or with their own friends. That creates new topics of conversation.

Too many “going it alone” are not good either, because the newly discovered freedom could quickly develop into another crisis. You should also create a period of time in which you can spend your hours as a couple and no visits from relatives, friends or colleagues disturb this togetherness. This is especially worthwhile if both sides are busy professionally and rarely see each other anyway.

Bring new momentum to everyday life through relationships 

The same game every day, but at some point it gets boring. Both partners should try to escape everyday life a little from time to time. A spontaneous mountain hike, the purchase of a dog or the wellness trip to nowhere – everything that is fun for both is allowed.

It also makes you happy when one person shares the other’s hobby, not generally, but every now and then. This gives the relationship a permanent new impetus.

For singles, a visit to the disco is probably the best way to present yourself and to make new acquaintances. Hundreds of flirtatious people cavort here every weekend who are looking for attention and have fun with music, friends and new contacts. Even in existing relationships, the partners look for social contacts and opportunities to celebrate extensively together.

Tip for visiting the disco with your partner

Also, or above all, because over time there is more everyday life in a relationship than was the case at the beginning, both partners should do joint activities every now and then. A visit to the disco is just as much a part of this as the annual vacation in Italy. But in order not to make the partner unnecessarily jealous and thus possibly spoil the evening, both should take back a little while partying. This starts with the choice of clothes. Certainly women want to be chic and sexy, but a slightly longer skirt and a closed button can look just as sexy and stylish too.

Visiting a disco as a single: helpful tips for a hot evening

See and be seen, this is the motto of many singles. But the fun shouldn’t be neglected. It is particularly advisable to go “the slopes” together with friends and acquaintances, so you are simply more relaxed and do not stand alone at the bar somewhere. This is where most of the flirtations and new acquaintances arise, so it is a good tip to be near the bar and to signal willingness to talk.

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