Trang chủ yubo full site login Handling Panam to fully capture Anders Hellman

Handling Panam to fully capture Anders Hellman

Handling Panam to fully capture Anders Hellman

With this area of the story, Johnny mentions a data center utilized by Arasaka named Mikoshi. He states one “all of the channels head around” in regards to exactly how V have a tendency to manage the relic chip.

V after that sneaks to the Clouds and you can discovers she is not started operating indeed there recently. The street next guides him to help you a processor-doctor called Hands whom sooner explains one to Evelyn was pulled because of the a couple of thugs out-of a head Dancing business. They could have used the girl for the majority kind of turned mission.

New thugs turn out to be Scavs, thereby the guy and you will Judy set about saving her, that they perform successfully. Evelyn is actually crappy shape but V and you may Judy get the lady the place to find people.

When they are available, Mitch will be drawn hostage and just narrowly survives, however, he or she is alone; Scorpion and rest of his team are deceased

Regardless if she actually is incapacitated, at the very least a brain Moving tape brings particular clues on her connections to the latest relic chip heist and why she hired V before everything else.

Because ends up, she is actually called from the a great netrunner and leader of one’s Voodoo Guys, a group from the Pacifica part of Nights Town. V up coming goes from the looking to create a meeting with The fresh new Voodoo People through his fixer contacts.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tale Bottom line

Now that V keeps attained the fresh new $15,100 the guy need to shell out Rogue for her help, he check outs this lady. Rogue shows you one to Hellman appear to convoys owing to a section of the Badlands in which she thinks he can be easily ambushed.

not, to get off of the operation, V will have to work with good Nomad titled Panam Palmer whom owes Rogue just after messing up a past occupations.

V’s guidelines should be assist Panam score an auto and several destroyed presents back, hand they out over Rogue’s goons, and Panam will assist V kidnap Helmsman. Johnny actually happier, without a doubt, however it is the only way…

V phone calls Panam and creates a conference, leading the pair out to this lady go camping on the Badlands named Al’s automobile while the forgotten presents just before discovering Hellman, and that most of the goes efficiently. The products try next made available to Rogue’s men at Sunset Motel ahead of V and you can Panam determine a decide to get Hellman.

Have always been, Panam shows you the woman package, that is to obtain Hellman’s AV since it flies over the space. They’ll need certainly to very first take out a local power station, then strike a great Kang Tao (good Chinese guns business) AV Hellman is actually traveling inside the having an EMP firearm to disable the stamina yubo lunchbox review assistance.

The plan mostly works, just like the V plant life a-bomb that takes from the energy station and you can Panam works out playing with a compact missile launcher to take the actual AV.

Sadly, Panam’s buddies Mitch and you may Scorpion is heard travel towards new AV to assist new survivors unsure it’s a business AV. V and Panam race their way towards the new AV using a good highest quality gun attached to Panam’s vehicle.

Bad of all of the Hellman provides fled and thus V and Panam need to track your down. He’s afterwards discovered at a petrol channel.

Hellman try seized and V interrogates your. Unfortunately, regardless of if, he cannot really assist while the relic processor are a fresh sorts of the biochip that was made to activate a keen engram (construct) inside another machine system (unlike only emailing pre-saved engrams). Immediately after Hellman jacks into V’s head, the guy notices you to V’s individual possibilities is actually breaking down as they promote solution to Johnny’s identity. The guy suggests V makes into bad…