Trang chủ DaddyHunt review His relationship with Lucy is mirrored inside the connection with the woman upcoming equivalent

His relationship with Lucy is mirrored inside the connection with the woman upcoming equivalent

His relationship with Lucy is mirrored inside the connection with the woman upcoming equivalent

Natsu, himself, has stated he constantly feels calm doing Lucy on account of the girl smell because of the personal dating the guy shared with Lucy’s ancestor, Anna, when he try a young child, listing that they smelling exactly the same

Whenever Natsu is actually enduring activity infection after getting stuck towards the an effective raft, Lucy dived and you may took your hands on him tightly as they went over a waterfall, guaranteeing not to let go. Natsu gets angry and criminal whenever Lucy might have been hurt, for example when Gajeel got torturing the woman. The guy once threatened a protector on Edolas which he perform burn all of them to help you ash whenever they were to harm Lucy. On viewing Lucy’s upcoming mind rating killed because of the Upcoming Rogue, Natsu bankrupt off within the rips and you may intensely assaulted Coming Rogue, shouting he has brought some thing beloved out-of him. As he and you can Lucy exposed to August, he secure the woman in one from his attacks immediately after the guy became intense due to Mest’s strategies. Whenever Natsu had opted over to strive Zeref by himself Lucy is actually notably worried and turned into distraught when he got fallen unconscious abreast of his come back, asking Brandish, an adversary, to store your. Whenever she woke up once Natsu got changed into Elizabeth.N.D, she immediately went out seeking him once you understand she had to bring him so you can his sensory faculties. On hearing one to Natsu manage pass away in the event the Zeref were to pass away, she chose to rewrite the book from E.N.D to help you undo this connection, imposing higher pain to by herself. From the one point, in this process, she undid the new deadly strike you to definitely Zeref had inflicted towards the Natsu and you may spared their lifestyle. Which have effectively rewrote the ebook, and you will Natsu had returned winning from his fight with Zeref, she became inconsolable as he mysteriously disappeared.

They’ll create their finest to keep each other if the disease requires it

Natsu has-been attached to Lucy and you can really does their best to build their delighted. It was stated by Pleased you to Natsu cried at the thought away from Lucy making Fairy Tail after the incidents towards the Phantom Lord guild. Of course he has got be distressed, otherwise angered, Lucy has actually commonly calmed him down, such as for example on Edolas whenever she hugged him from behind after the guy watched what was going on to their guild mates. Following the his combat water Dragon God, Natsu became ate from the Ignia’s flame and you will happy to ruin what you just before Lucy hugged him and reassured Natsu you to things are alright and you can she’s right here to have him. When Lucy is ill and wouldn’t date to the Magnolia Town’s Bloom-seeing, Natsu uprooted among the many woods and you can put-out they with the a great boat for just the girl observe. Once reuniting that have Lucy, the guy found that she got attempted to track all the member of Fairy End and decided he would assist their repair the new guild. The guy spotted Upcoming Lucy being the same since their Lucy and this lead to Natsu thinking the woman implicitly and you may comforting her when she doubted their procedures to attempt to undo brand new catastrophe she knowledgeable. As he fell unconscious after are impaled within his fight King Animus, Natsu notion of Lucy fondly, together with her carrying their hand because they was investigating Magnolia in advance of she turns to look during the him. It differed to help you just how the guy recalled their almost every other guild friends, rather merely recalling everyone from inside the guild-hall. Later on, shortly after their profit more Animus being trouble of the his energy, the guy requested Lucy exactly how he appears, hoping one to she nonetheless sees him just like the Natsu, and you may once being comfortable because of the her terms and conditions, dropped towards the the lady hands.