Trang chủ Check My Source I compose audience inserts for the fandoms that are few! Simply ask me personally if you have questions regarding anything!

I compose audience inserts for the fandoms that are few! Simply ask me personally if you have questions regarding anything!

I compose audience inserts for the fandoms that are few! Simply ask me personally if you have questions regarding anything!

Sirius Ebony X Reader (Kinda. ) Bored, Jealous, and Horny (AKA The Infamous Hook-Up From Firewhisky)

Overview: Sirius attempts to help you to get your brain off your crush, Remus.

“Hey, Ebony? Have you mail order bride search got, like, feelings?”

“Hey (L/N)? Have you got, like, lungs?” You laughed at your buddy, popping another Bertie Bott’s Bean in the mouth area. Both You and Sirius had just gotten back once again from a Hogsmeade journey, for which you had purchased a good amount of candies. James, Remus, and Peter had ditched you two, all seeming to possess one thing crucial or more straightforward to do. James had been down with Lily, Remus had stuff that is prefect and Peter had been simply gone. So that you and Sirius remained together, talking and wasting your whole Saturday.

“You understand what we implied, Sirius. You’re always hopping from woman to woman. Why don’t you settle?”

“You hop only a little, Ebony.” Sirius shrugged.

“Hopping’s simply easier, i assume,” he said, putting a peppermint toad in their lips. “No strings is quick and easy.”

“Strings are far more gratifying.”

“Yeah, but examine you with Remus. You would like strings, crave strings, you’ve gotten nowhere.”

“I nevertheless the stand by position my estimation. Commitment is gratifying.”

“But perhaps perhaps not committing is fun.” You rolled your eyes at your buddy.

“What’s so fun about breaking some girl’s heart to help you enjoy it?” Sirius shook their mind, a little laugh escaping their lips.

“Listen, (Y/N), we can’t expect you to definitely appreciate this. But I’m going in an attempt to explain it for your requirements, alright? Not everybody wants their happily ever after. Many people only want to have small enjoyable while they’re nevertheless young. Besides, everyone knows I’ve no-strings-attached. I’m not breaking anyone’s heart.”

“But nothing. You realize, you really need to check it out sometime. Maybe it’ll bring your head off Moony.”

“A fling? No thanks.” Sirius groaned.

“Merlin, you’re so boring.” You smiled and hit their supply.

“I’m clearly perhaps perhaps perhaps not, or i’dn’t be buddies with you plus the remainder of you idiots.”

“That’s most evident.” Both You and Sirius grinned at each and every other and kept walking, going nowhere in specific. Sooner or later, you passed the collection, where you made Sirius stop although you grabbed guide for example of one’s classes.

“Hey Ebony, would you grab any particular one for me personally? An Investigational Learn of Transfiguration?”

“Got it.” He reached up and plucked the guide from the shelf that is high but paused as he saw one thing through the now-empty spot when you look at the bookshelf. “Huh. I was thinking Moony had been over her,” he stated under their breathing.

“Hm? What about Remus?” You stood on your feet, attempting to see just what Sirius ended up being.

“Oh, nothing. He’s simply speaking with Thalia, and I also thought he had been completed with her.”

“Thalia? Actually?” You hopped to try to see, but Sirius simply pulled you away.

“Come on, you’ve got your guide. Let’s simply get, (Y/N).” You reluctantly allow Sirius just just simply take you against the collection, and also you proceeded your hiking.

“Isn’t it apparent sufficient that i love him? Why can’t he simply speak with me personally as opposed to flirting with a few random he hasn’t fancied for a month?” Sirius sighed and stumbled on a stop that is abrupt. You two had nearly reached the typical Room, along with your subject of discussion the way that is whole been Remus. Or in other words, you’re whining about Remus while Sirius was forced to pay attention.

“(Y/N). Please. Sufficient about Remus, you ought to get your brain off him.”

“And how can you propose i really do that, Ebony?”

“i will suggest a fling.” He proceeded their journey towards the popular Room, and also you quickly implemented. “A one-night stand. A-”

“Absolutely perhaps not. I love Remus, for crying out loud-”