Trang chủ Apps For Android Knowledge Base – Important Tricks On Mobile Software Application On Android You Didn’t Know Yet (Updated)

Knowledge Base – Important Tricks On Mobile Software Application On Android You Didn’t Know Yet (Updated)

In this post, I have talked about some of the best Android Apps for YouTube Video/Audio Downloads which can make your work much easier. This Android Zoom application also allows users to safely engage in conferencing while driving. Of course, it’s unsafe to text or hold a phone while driving.

If the game requires you to shake your phone, you can do this by using the keyboard shortcut. You can also click the icon with three dots in the sidebar to the right, and then click the icon that resembles a phone shaking.

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Under the list of apps, tap on apps for which you would like to disable sync and change the sync settings. We all love our phone’s ability to quietly work in the background to update the notifications and keep our accounts up to date. However, more often than not, we may not need all that syncing for a number of apps.

  • Now, a popup will appear for the action confirmation.
  • Live Net TV online application has been designed by keeping the general public in mind.
  • The thing that makes Google Photos unique is that it offers unlimited backup.
  • In addition, you can take advantage of information about user behavior in your app so that you will be able to provide a customer with individual bonuses, discounts, recommendations.

Go to Google Play Store and search the app for which you want to download APK file on PC. In this post, we will mention a step by step guide on how to download APK files to PC to use it later. File Viewer Plus is a universal file viewer for Windows. Why pay for many software programs and clutter your PC when you only need one? No longer do you need to buy extra software or install shady programs to open unknown or unique file types.

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6) After you have entered all your information, click on Login, and close the window. You are now good to go, and you won’t have to enter your information again. Now when you click on Download APK, it will immediately be downloaded to your desktop. This will work for every app in Google Play, but if it’s a paid app, you won’t be able to unless you have previously purchased it using the Gmail account you logged in with. 2) Once added to Chrome, just open any app page in Google Play and you will now see a Download APK option right next to install. 1) Assuming you are using the Chrome Browser on your desktop, download and install APK Downloader from the Chrome Web Store.