Trang chủ London+United Kingdom sign in S. citizenship ‘s the applicant’s primary aim of take a trip

S. citizenship ‘s the applicant’s primary aim of take a trip

S. citizenship ‘s the applicant’s primary aim of take a trip

(c) (U) For those who have need to think the brand new applicant can give beginning throughout their stay in the usa, you have to presume you to definitely pregnancy with the objective having U. That it expectation try rebuttable, meaning the new candidate can also be defeat the new presumption that they are traveling towards primary reason for obtaining U.S. citizenship towards guy for those who determine that applicant features established, towards the satisfaction, yet another and you can permissible priple, an applicant might defeat new presumption if they have a clinically complicated pregnancy and get arranged to have certified health care throughout the Us, since the instance authoritative care isn’t in or nearby the nation where in fact the applicant everyday lives. In this case, you are able to end the fresh applicant’s number 1 reason for traveling is actually for certified healthcare, as opposed to trying to You.

(d) (U) Health care is not necessarily the only way brand new assumption are rebutted. Instance, in the event the a b nonimmigrant visa applicant’s first mission having happen to be the usa is always to head to a death cherished one, and you may in the go to the candidate may give beginning on United states given that pregnancy due date overlaps toward friends member’s history requested weeks from lifetime, new candidate can rebut this new presumption. In this situation, this new candidate have to satisfy you that primary mission is to try to go to a demise relative unlike locate U.S. citizenship having a young child. Similarly, a candidate getting a b nonimmigrant charge whom you finish really does not decide to, and won’t, render birth in the usa, or who otherwise rebuts this new assumption that they intend to travelling into Us generally discover U.S. citizenship getting a child, shouldn’t be rejected solely since applicant is actually otherwise intends to be pregnant. In the event the children carry out and acquire You.S. citizenship on birth if born away from All of us, the assumption does not apply.

(e) (U) The truth that a candidate keeps an arranged birth bundle that have a health care professional or medical facility in america, or simply just conveys a desires to give birth in the United States more almost every other locations, isn’t adequate to rebut the newest expectation one its primary objective away from travelling was acquiring U. That key element you should know is if new applicant provides usage of sensible healthcare inside or around the country where the fresh new applicant everyday lives.

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(f) (U) If a visa applicant’s number one reason for traveling will be to let or match other charge candidate whose software does not qualify for visa issuance, you will want to directly see whether or not the applicant features an alternative, genuine, function of travelling. The lack of like a legitimate aim of traveling you can expect to cast doubt to their trustworthiness and certification to have a b charge. 1-2(B) to own great tips on employing INA 214(b).

(U) An applicant continuing towards the You so you’re able to get married a beneficial You.S. resident petitioner contained in this 3 months out-of admission try classifiable given that a beneficial K-step one nonimmigrant around INA 101(a)(15)(K). Select twenty-two CFR . The newest fianc(e) out of an excellent You.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) will get, however, become categorized since a b-2 invitees if you are satisfied that fianc(e) plans to go back to best hookup apps London a property abroad soon after the marriage. A b-dos charge can also be approved so you can an applicant going to the usa:

S. citizenship toward kid

(U) Fianc(e)s whom establish a residence abroad that it want to return, and you can who are if not entitled to visas, are eligible to have B-dos visas in case your intent behind the latest check out would be to marry a beneficial nonimmigrant in america from inside the a legitimate nonimmigrant F, H, J, L M, O, P, otherwise Q condition. You will want to indicates the brand new fianc(e) to try to get a change in nonimmigrant position compared to that off brand new derivative of one’s nonimmigrant spouse after the wedding in order to this new nearest work environment off Agency away from Homeland Cover (DHS). B position isn’t appropriate in the event the fianc(e) intends to are nevertheless permanently in the us immediately after entryway, regardless if they would attempt to get it done of the submitting a keen improvement otherwise transform away from status application.