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Sharing StoriesInspiring Change. Deconstructing the “Sassy Gay Buddy”

Sharing StoriesInspiring Change. Deconstructing the “Sassy Gay Buddy”

David Levy, composing for, recently challenged us at JWA to discuss the gender/sexuality dynamic for the 2nd City’s brand new movie show, “Sassy Gay buddy. ” He had written:

There is a tradition that is long Judaism of imagining various versions of y well known stories, from rabbinic midrash to contemporary novels. Comedy troupe The 2nd City has tossed their cap to the band this week by having A youtube that is new video their “Sassy Gay buddy” series.

If you aren’t acquainted with the show, it began many months ago as being a goof regarding the fate that is tragic of a lot of Shakespeare’s heroines. Perhaps, the videos advised, Ophelia, Juliet, Desdemona and also the remainder might have had happier endings them away from trouble if they only had a BFF to steer. (we will keep it to JWA when it comes to inescapable deconstruction of exactly what these videos state about sex and sexuality. )

If that is a challenge, We accept. When you look at the videos, Ophelia, Juliet, Desdemona and Eve are each planning to make a move stupid when their “sassy homosexual friend” steps in, speaks some feeling into them, and saves the afternoon. Within the movie below, the sassy friend that is gay Eve from eating the apple.

My, my. How to start. “Sassy Gay buddy” extremely demonstrably plays on stereotypes — the label that homosexual males occur to be ladies’ “sassy homosexual buddies” and also the label that ladies are, because it is over and over repeatedly stated within the videos, “stupid bitches. “

The very first issue right here is the presumption that exactly what all the females do is stupid. Like, being murdered by the spouse, killing yourself, or consuming the apple. Why don’t we keep in mind why these ladies have actually in a few real method been abused, used, tormented, or tricked, and calling their actions “stupid” seems a little like blaming the target.

The 2nd issue is the the presumption that homosexual guys are professionals at being females.

They are better at it because, well, they truly are maybe maybe not females. They can see these circumstances more plainly since they don’t possess “brains crafted from rib. ” Also they are in a position to see these scenarios demonstrably since they aren’t right guys and as a consequence sidetracked by intimate attraction to females. Given that they occupy neither area, they occur to show females (and guys on Queer Eye for the right man) how exactly to be “better” straight people. This can be demonstrably demeaning to straight women and men, but additionally to gay males. In this label, homosexual guys occur simply to assist right people, and tend to be therefore paid down up to a supporting role and usually desexualized in order to not be threatening (think Stanford on Intercourse plus the City).

Finally, I hate the expression “stupid bitch. ” The sassy friend that is gay this to Juliet and Ophelia, after which turns it in himself when you look at the videos about Eve and Desdemona. The expression “stupid bitch” is vile since it invalidates females as real people who have legitimate desires, issues, psychological state dilemmas, or views. He is stating that females don’t possess legitimate good reasons for acting the direction they do, they simply function crazy since they are “stupid bitches. ” By calling Juliet and Ophelia “stupid bitches, ” their alleged sassy friend that is gay the despair and heartbreak (not forgetting the misogynistic and paternalistic forces oppressing the ladies) behind all of their suicides as well, silly. Using this method, he could be not merely women that are insulting but whoever has ever struggled with depression and ideas of committing suicide.

All that being said, we really enjoyed these videos a great deal. Extremely unpleasant yes, but pretty funny too. That is the plain benefit of comedy — it plays on horrible stereotypes, is generally pretty offensive, and now we think it’s great. Simply glance at Joan streams, Sarah Silverman, and a variety of other comedians who’ve made us laugh with very humor that is innapropriate.

The most readily useful section, I think, may be the one about Juliet. Enjoy!