Trang chủ richmond-1 backpage escort So we usually now only be updating the main cause code within Github

So we usually now only be updating the main cause code within Github

So we usually now only be updating the main cause code within Github

IceChat 9.16 could have been put out now. Fixed the brand new splitter pubs, added a few more color settings, and you will current the fresh /skip command. You can read a complete change journal for any condition.

IceChat nine.15 –

IceChat nine.15 could have been create now, with alot more insect fixes. You can read the alteration journal for your status.

IceChat 9.14 –

IceChat nine.14 might have been create now. Of many IRCv3 repairs and improvements, and a few most other bug repairs. Look for the alteration record the reputation.

IceChat 9.13 –

IceChat nine.thirteen could have been released today, to resolve the fresh font situation delivered into the type 9.12 Look for the change diary your position.

IceChat 9.several –

IceChat nine.12 has been put out now. Enough small repairs and you may updates. Look for the alteration record for all the condition.

Yahoo Plugin Up-to-date –

This new IceChat nine Yahoo Plugin might have been upgraded, because the previous variation try causing IceChat to hang. You can install adaptation step one.2 right here.

Codeplex / SVN / Github –

There were constant complications with the brand new SVN from the Codeplex, where IceChat nine has already established the password hosted for a long time. Codeplex have called us and you will said they find zero fix within the the future. Thus, we could don’t update our code on Codeplex.

IceChat 9.ten –

IceChat nine.10 has been released now. IPv6 host is always to hook up far more constantly today. A few more orders added and a few insect fixes. Look for the change record for status.

IceChat nine.08 –

IceChat nine.08 has been create now. Couple of insect solutions. Look for the change record when it comes to standing.

IceChat 9.07 –

IceChat nine.07 has been put out now. Pair even more bug repairs, the main thing repaired was one SASL Authentication wasn’t performing with the specific networks. Look for the change record for reputation.

IceChat 9.06 –

IceChat nine.06 has been released now. Partners alot more bug fixes, one head you to definitely with url’s not demonstrating securely in some instances. Along with during Windowed Form, and you may clicking X to close off the application form, will not romantic all screen immediately. Look for the change journal for any reputation.

IceChat nine.03 –

IceChat 9.03 has been put out now. Discover a primary insect discovered to the new reconnect timekeeper alternative receive. You can read the change journal when it comes to position.

IceChat nine.02 –

IceChat 9.02 could have been put out now. Of a lot solutions and you can alter have been applied since the nine.0. Look for the change journal for your position.

The latest IRC Indexer been today –

Now a special IRC Indexer services are come on . The project could male escort richmond va have been done over the past seasons, and you may premiered today, trying to make a fair remake of one’s well-known SearchIRC web site, which was taken traditional.Note: the website has stopped being readily available.

IceChat seven.8 put-out –

IceChat seven could have been upgraded so you’re able to 7.8. An element of the issue fixed is actually proper Screen 8 compatibility, with a couple most other minor bug solutions.

IceChat nine.0 –

IceChat nine.0 is released now. There are a good amount of updates, improvements and you can solutions since RC8.step 3. I felt it actually was time IceChat nine was released as a ‘stable’ variation, this is where it is. You can read the change journal for the updates.

IceChat 9 Video Added –

We had expected the Twitter profiles to the our very own Fan Webpage, in the event that anyone will make a video clip towards the rules out of IceChat nine, and you will anybody generated a beneficial one to. Have a look at help web page to view they.