Trang chủ Safe Android APK Downloads Use It: Secret Functions Beat the Boss 3 Application For Phones You Should Try [Part 2].

Use It: Secret Functions Beat the Boss 3 Application For Phones You Should Try [Part 2].

Other than the creature sporting higher health and attack power, the strategy is exactly the same as for fighting the Megalodon. The only other thing that players should do is use their refined spears whenever possible to deal a massive amount of damage to the Eel. This fight is a little more difficult than the Megalodon as it is capable of dishing out twice as much damage and has a little more health. Luckily, it has the same abilities as the Megalodon so players who beat the shark should be alright. Keep in mind that the Moray Eel is thinner though, so hitting it with spears will be a little more difficult. If you really want to use the best weapons this game has to offer, you should opt for the various boss weapons in this game that can be achieved through crafting.

  • The player also needs to be trained on the skills he’ll need to beat the boss.
  • The player won, and this is his chance to feel awesome for a moment.
  • Some of these weapons are meta-defining while others are not worth the hassle.
  • But in its second stage, Oceiros is an all together different beast.
  • This fight is another simple one when you figure out what you need to do.
  • Do this before he’s stunned so that you won’t have to worry about your heat gauge maxing out while you’re attacking him.

In many of From’s dark fantasy games, the Moonlight Greatsword is a holy sword the player can get. In Bloodborne, the swerve is that the boss gets it instead and you have to fight him while he’s using it. I can’t think of many games where it feels like a boss is adapting throughout their fight like that. ” It is understandable and even natural to cry out or curse upon defeat. All that built up tension and excitement deflates at once, as your character crumples to the floor and you deal with the fact that, nope, not this time. However, it can be helpful to try to laugh at the game instead of cursing it.

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Once you get a little further through the game, you should consider finding better weapons. You can certainly stick with the ones we mentioned above and upgrade them to their final forms, but there are a few mid-game weapons you might want to check out, too. The Winged Spear is slightly harder to obtain than the previous two weapons, but is ideal for players wanting something with more speed. With the Winged Spear, it has similar range as the Halberd, but can be latest verson of Beat the Boss 3 used to pull off quick jabs.

Grindier free-to-play games are unlikely to change soon — not when their revenue model depends on it — but I am pleased at how modern RPGs have begun tackling this issue. I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue evolving. I’m hardly the first person to make this point over the years — and I know plenty will defend grinding, too — but in my eyes, it really makes for poor gameplay design.

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Resource fodder such as Zombies will frequently spawn while you fight the Marauder. Chainsaw and Glory Kill these smaller enemies to generate the health and ammo you need to keep you alive for the duration of the battle. Yharon roars before he dashes, so listening out for this audio cue is an easy way to time a dash out of the way. The timing is different in the Revengeance+ phase, however learning these timings can make the fight a lot easier.

I’ve completed three or four missile attack cycles before bringing him down. If we take that as a starting point maybe his health should be brought down so he can only complete two (one “easy” and one “hard”). Aww come on, I totally suck at Contra\Metal Slug, haven’t played games of this kind in more than a year and even for me it took a couple of hours but no more than that. Honestly I don’t really care, as long as it’s an interesting and fun experience and fits well with the rest of the game. As far as design and coolness factor, this boss absolutely does.